Araucaria columnaris

New Caledonia Pine

While they are related to pine trees, their horizontal tiers of stiff branches and many small, pointed, flat or needlelike leaves give them a decidedly different look. Often grown in pots while young, the older evergreens grow up to 70 feet tall and often lose their lowest branches with age. Beware of falling 10 to 15 pound cones on mature trees. Plant them alone or use several as tall windbreaks where cones are not a hazard to anyone underneath. Will not tolerate dry or waterlogged soils. Most like full sun. Water during the growing season and during long, hot dry spells.
Araucaria columnaris, New Caledonia Pine
Over time, the lower branches fall off this tree and new tufts grow from the dominant buds. Older trees have a more spreading crown.

Attributes - Araucaria columnaris

Plant Type: Tree

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 60 ft. to 180 ft.

Width: 30 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Climate: Zones 10, 11

Notes: Container Plants, Low Maintenance.

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