Arctotis x hybrida 'Wine'

African Daisy

Among the handful of plant groups called African Daisy, these are distinctive for their long-stalked white, yellow, or purple flowers, usually with a contrasting ring of color around the dark central eye. The lobed leaves are hairy or woolly. Hybrids, grouped under the name Arctotis hybrida, make showy borders, with brilliant flowers -- white, cream, yellow, orange, crimson or purple -- set off by silvery leaves. Lower-growing species are good for ground covers and rock gardens. All the flowers of this group close at night, and may not fully open on overcast days. Keep this in mind when choosing a bouquet; though beautiful, the cut flowers close too, and do not last long. Needs full sun, regular watering during active growth, and good drainage. Most will bloom twice in a season, but the later flowers are smaller. Grow annuals from seed sown outside after the last frost. They sprout quickly. Young plants prefer fairly dry soil and are prone to damping off, so do not overwater. Do not transplant young plants deeper in the garden bed than they were in a flat or pot. Many hybrids will self-sow, but their flowers tend to revert to orange. Grow these from cuttings to keep getting colors you like.
Arctotis x hybrida, African Daisy
One of the Harlequin Hybrids, it is named for the wine-colored flowers.

Attributes - Arctotis x hybrida 'Wine'

Plant Type: Annual

Bloom Season: Early Spring through Late Summer

Flower Color: Magenta

Height: 1 ft. to 1 ft. 6 in.

Width: 4 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Notes: Cut Flowers, Showy Flowers. Susceptible to Damping-off.

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