Aristolochia grandiflora

Pelican Flower, Birthwort, Pelican Dutchman's Pipe

Named for the Greek philosopher Aristotle, these trouble-free deciduous or evergreen vines are native to the Southern Hemisphere. They have large, heart-shaped leaves and unusual, small, pipe-shaped flowers. The flowers have an unpleasant odor. Quickly reaches 20 to 30 feet in height. Use as a dense screen. Tolerates urban conditions. Start from stem cuttings in midsummer. Prune severely in late winter to control shape and size.
Aristolochia grandiflora, Pelican Flower, Birthwort, Pelican Dutchman's Pipe
Its wide flowers resemble the head and body of a large bird at rest. Blooms are blotched with white, purple, red, yellow and green.

Attributes - Aristolochia grandiflora

Plant Type: Vine

Bloom Season: Mid Spring through Early Summer

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 16 ft. to 30 ft.

Width: 16 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Climate: Zones 10, 11

Notes: Container Plants, Showy Flowers.

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