Arundinaria viridistriata

Bamboo Cane

Some of these hardy, woody, bamboo grasses from North America and Asia grow to 30 feet tall. Others are low-growing ground covers. Growth is rapid the second year after planting. Form large clusters from underground stems and can become invasive. The infrequent flowers last as long as a year. Drought-tolerant, once established. Choose rootbound container plants. For fast growth, water often and give high-nitrogen fertilizer. Control spread by planting in containers under or above ground. Remove dead canes.
Arundinaria viridistriata, Bamboo Cane
The 2 to 5-inch-long leaves on this dwarf bamboo are striped yellow, turning greener in summer. Best in partial shade in dry hot areas.

Attributes - Arundinaria viridistriata

Plant Type: Ground Cover

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 1 ft. to 3 ft.

Width: 25 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Climate: Zones 7, 8, 9, 10

Notes: Container Plants. Susceptible to Aphids.

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