Asplenium nidus

Bird's Nest Fern

This highly variable group of ferns includes the spectacular Bird's Nest Fern with its sword-like leaves, the dainty Mother Fern with hundreds of baby ferns clinging to its lacy leaves and several other types of ferns. All need shade and abundant water. They grow best in warmer zones. Popular as house plants. Hardy varieties exist and may be found with fern specialists. Outdoors, protect from snails and slugs. Indoors, watch for aphids and spider mites.
Asplenium nidus, Bird's Nest Fern
The shiny, undivided, apple-green fronds make this one of the most elegant and distinctive ferns. Grow as a houseplant or outdoors in parts of Zone 10.

Attributes - Asplenium nidus

Plant Type: Fern

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 2 ft. to 3 ft.

Width: 3 ft.

Sunlight: Shade

Climate: Zones 10, 11

Notes: Container Plants. Susceptible to Aphids, Spider Mites.

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