Camellia japonica 'Kumasaka'

Camellia japonica 'Jeanne Kerr', Camellia japonica 'Lady Marion'

A favorite plant for mild climates, several species, plus thousands of cultivars and hybrids, offer an almost endless array of flower colors and shapes on lustrous green leaves. From the small fragrant flowers of Camellia lutchuensis to the very large and showy blooms of Camellia reticulata, these low-maintenance, evergreen shrubs have blossoms of every type. Two of the most widely planted are Camellia japonica and Camellia sasanqua. Both make excellent screens and informal hedges. Many sasanquas tolerate full sun with proper soil and ample water. All are moisture-loving, and prefer well-drained, acid soils. All make exceptional container plants. Protect from hot afternoon sun and dry winds. Start by seeds, cuttings and grafting. Clean up fallen flowers to prevent Camellia petal blight. Prune for shape after flowering. Fertilize with acid plant foods.
Camellia japonica, Camellia japonica 'Jeanne Kerr', Camellia japonica 'Lady Marion'
Masses of bright rose-pink camellia with double, rose-like to peony-like flowers bloom on this shrub mid to late season. An excellent landscape plant, it is hardy, vigorous and compact.

Attributes - Camellia japonica 'Kumasaka'

Plant Type: Shrub, Tree

Bloom Season: Mid Spring through Late Spring

Flower Color: Pink

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 6 ft. to 12 ft.

Width: 8 ft.

Sunlight: Partial Sun

Climate: Zones 7, 8, 9, 10

Notes: Container Plants, Cut Flowers, Showy Flowers. Susceptible to Aphids, Black Spot, Scales.

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