Carnegiea gigantea


These giant cacti appear as huge candelabralike forms throughout their native Southwest. Carnegiea gigantea, the only species, are some of the largest, slowest growing cacti known. Light brown spikes cover their columnar, ribbed branches. Large, white, fragrant flowers open at night on mature plants followed by edible, oval fruits. Supremely adapted to hot, dry, hostile conditions. Plant only nursery-grown specimens and provide excellent drainage. Do not water once established or the plant may succumb to root rot. Use in dry and native plant gardens in the Southwestern United States.
Carnegiea gigantea, Saguaro
This grand, slow-growing cactus may not form 'arms' until it is well over 50 years old. Can be grown in containers for many years to ensure proper drainage.

Attributes - Carnegiea gigantea

Plant Type: Succulent

Bloom Season: Mid Spring through Late Spring

Flower Color: White

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 40 ft. to 50 ft.

Width: 20 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Climate: Zones 8, 9

Notes: Thrives in Dry Climates. Susceptible to Root Rot.

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