Catharanthus roseus 'Tropicana Bright Eye'

Madagascar Periwinkle, Annual Vinca

One of the most reliable, non-stop blooming plants for the hot sun, it produces Phlox-like flowers in many shades and combinations of pink, mauve, white, red and rose. Varieties range from 3 to 20 inches tall, in upright growing or trailing forms. Use for edging, masses, containers and hanging baskets. Plants bloom from spring to first frost. Originally from the tropics, does best in hot weather, but varieties have been bred for cooler climates. Poorly drained soil can cause root disease.
Catharanthus roseus, Madagascar Periwinkle, Annual Vinca
Its 2-inch-wide pink flowers have deeper pink centers. Use to fill in flower borders or as edging near lawns and shrubbery. It takes about 60 days to bloom from seed.

Attributes - Catharanthus roseus 'Tropicana Bright Eye'

Plant Type: Annual

Bloom Season: Mid Spring through Early Fall

Flower Color: Pink

Height: 1 ft. to 1 ft. 3 in.

Width: 1 ft. 3 in.

Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Notes: Thrives in Hot Climates. Container Plants, Long Blooming, Low Maintenance, Showy Flowers. Susceptible to Damping-off, Root Rot.

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