Echeveria gigantea

These perennial succulents have thick green or gray-green leaves that overlap in rosettes that often resemble artichokes. Leaves are at their brightest from autumn to spring, and are followed by long-lasting flowers in pink, red or yellow. The common name derives from the plant's clump-forming habit. In warm, dry climates, plant in rock gardens, on slopes, in dry walls or in containers. Where winters are too severe, lift before the first fall frost and store in a greenhouse or windowsill. Although they love sun, they will tolerate shade or part-shade in hot climates.
Echeveria gigantea
A larger species than the imbricata, its stem is not branching and grows to 20 inches. The flower spike reaches 6 feet.

Attributes - Echeveria gigantea

Plant Type: Succulent

Bloom Season: Early Winter through

Flower Color: Pink, Red

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 8 in. to 1 ft. 8 in.

Width: 1 ft. 6 in.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Climate: Zones 8, 9, 10, 11

Notes: Thrives in Dry Climates, Hot Climates. Container Plants, Drought Tolerant, Showy Flowers.

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