Echinofossulocactus multicostatus

Their intriguing wavy narrow ribs may remind you of brain coral. Most grow as single globes. A few form clusters or branching columns. Some bristle with so many spines that the ribs are hidden. Others, like Echinofossulocactus lancifer, brandish just a few clusters of stout white tusks, up to 2 inches long. Blooming as early as 2 or 3 years, the flowers bear a contrasting central stripe on each petal, in combinations of white, red and violet. Most commercial plants are raised from seed, since grafted plants lose their species' distinctive spines. Dealers may sell them by their old name, Stenocactus. Undemanting and adaptable, they thrive in sun or partial shade. Give plenty of water from late winter to early fall. Keep nearly dry in winter and they will tolerate a few degrees of frost.
Echinofossulocactus multicostatus
Single or clustered, round stems reach 4 inches across, bearing 3-inch central spines and purplish flowers.

Attributes - Echinofossulocactus multicostatus

Plant Type: Succulent

Bloom Season: Mid Spring through Late Spring

Flower Color: Pink, Purple, White

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 3 in. to 5 in.

Width: 5 in.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Climate: Zones 9, 10, 11

Notes: Thrives in Dry Climates, Hot Climates. Container Plants, Drought Tolerant, Low Maintenance, Showy Flowers.

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