Olea europaea

Common Olive

This tree is popular not only because a single branch symbolizes peace. Olive trees are also widely grown in California and Arizona for their willowlike silver-gray foliage, attractive gnarled bark, and their ability to thrive in desert conditions, once established. Unless you plan to harvest and prepare the olives, choose a fruitless variety to avoid litter and stains. Prune off basal suckers. Train as single- or multi-trunked tree. Box and transplant as desired.
Olea europaea, Common Olive
This spreading, evergreen tree is slow-growing and short-lived. Gray-green leaves with silvery undersides. Tiny, fragrant white flowers in late summer. Small edible fruits are shiny black when ripe.

Attributes - Olea europaea

Plant Type: Shrub, Tree

Bloom Season: Early Summer through Late Summer

Flower Color: White

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 25 ft. to 35 ft.

Width: 30 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Climate: Zones 8, 9, 10

Notes: Thrives in Acid Soil, Alkaline Soil. Susceptible to Scales, Verticillium Wilt.

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