Syringa patula 'Miss Kim'

Korean Lilac, Syringa palibiniana, Manchurian Lilac

Perhaps the most popular of all fragrant blooming shrubs, their showy, long flower clusters make excellent cut flowers. Blossoms come in a bluish-lilac color, and many others. Best where winters are freezing, but some varieties bloom with mild cold. Remove dead flowers just above where buds form. Prune lightly to control height and invigorate mature woody plants. Watch for Lilac leaf miner, scale and Lilac borer.
Syringa patula, Korean Lilac, Syringa palibiniana, Manchurian Lilac
Pruple buds develop into single, blue flowers with clove-scented fragrance on this compact variety. Once known as Syringa velutina.

Attributes - Syringa patula 'Miss Kim'

Plant Type: Shrub

Bloom Season: Late Spring through Early Summer

Flower Color: Blue, Lavender

Foliage: Deciduous

Height: 2 ft. to 3 ft.

Width: 3 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Climate: Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Notes: Thrives in Alkaline Soil. Cut Flowers, Fragrant, Showy Flowers. Susceptible to Black Spot, Powdery Mildew, Scales.

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