Tecomaria capensis

Cape Honeysuckle

Only one type of these tropical vinelike shrubs, Tecomaria capensis, is commonly grown. Train it to climb along trellises, fences or walls. Plant it on steep banks, or prune it to form 6- to 8-foot shrubs or hedges. Its scarlet funnel-shaped flowers sit upon its lacy foliage. Seed pods follow flowers. These tough plants tolerate some drought. Start from seeds or cuttings. Support rapid-growing plants. Prune annually after flowers bloom to encourage new growth and future blossoms.
Tecomaria capensis, Cape Honeysuckle
Its flowers cluster at the end of its branches. Its finely textured leaves are shiny and deep green. The variety 'Aurea' is smaller and has yellow flowers.

Attributes - Tecomaria capensis

Plant Type: Shrub, Vine

Bloom Season: Late Summer through Early Winter

Flower Color: Orange, Red

Foliage: Deciduous

Height: 6 ft. to 25 ft.

Width: 25 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Climate: Zones 9, 10

Notes: Thrives in Acid Soil, Alkaline Soil, Hot Climates.

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