Fusilade II Post-emergent Herbicide - one quart

Fusilade II Post-emergent Herbicide - one quart

Weed Control, Herbicide

Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental Herbicide contains 24.5% the active ingredient Fluazifop which provides out-standing post-emergence control of unwanted grasses in ground covers, shrubs and trees. Fusilade II moves quickly into the shoots, roots, rhizomes, stolons and growing points of the treated plants. Weed growth is soon arrested, and within a week you will witness loss of vigor, yellow and/or reddening, and eventually death of treated grass weeds. Takes out unwanted grass without injury to desirable broadleaf plants, conifers, newly emerging ornamentals and recent transplants. ¾ oz. per gallon of water covers approximately 1000 square feet. Fusalide II should be used with a nonionic surfactant. One quart bottle. Refer to the actual product label for specific rates, instruction and cautions.

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