Mosquito Dunks - 6 pack

BUY Mosquito Dunks - 6 pack

Insect Control, Mosquito Control

Destroy mosquito larvae with the same tools used by the professionals. Kills mosquitos before they can bite.

Once wet, the Mosquito Dunks® kill the immature, aquatic stage of the mosquito. Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) is a beneficial organism that is lethal to mosquito larvae, but harmless to fish, humans and other animals. Mosquito Dunks® provide long-term protection for 30 days or more. Toss the dunk into standing water in an old tire, pond, rain barrel, tree hole and more to eliminate mosquito larvae. One dunk treats up to 100 sq. ft. of water surface, regardless of depth. 6 pack. USA made.

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