Vapor Torch Kit - 500,000 BTU

BUY Vapor Torch Kit - 500,000 BTU

Weed Control, Weed Burners

Turn your propane tank into a weed burner. Versatile flame tool that delivers 500,000 BTUs with no smoke or fumes. Liquid propane torch burns weeds on contact and keeps them down. Peels paint, thaws pipes and other nonflammables and melts ice.

With a 5 foot handle, this kit allows a good deal more in reach. Popular for paving repairs and ditch burning. Comes with a 25-foot hose and an adjustable regulator for more consistency when using for long periods of road repair or weed burning. Great for municipalities, highway departments and farmers. Torch has a 3-inch bell and overall length of 65-inch.

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