Atriplex x hortensis atrosanguinea

Garden Orach, Mountain Spinach, Sea Purslane

These striking shrubs accent a desert garden with clumps of silvery foliage, often with a felted or dusty texture. Sprigs of modest flowers lead to intriguing winged fruit bracts in some species. Most grow naturally in parched, alkaline or even saline soil, and tolerate wind and salty coastal air. Prized for decorations, the beautiful Atriplex hymenelytra, Desert Holly, enjoys protection in parts of its Mojave/Colorado desert range. Bluish gray Atriplex lentiformis, Quail Brush, forms a tough hedge or windbreak up to 10 feet high and 12 feet wide. Though most species mature to a forbidding thorniness, some, such as Atriplex hortensis (Orache or Mountain Spinach), provide succulent, tasty greens when young. The need to plant and harvest frequently rules it out as a commercial crop, but it is well worth growing in a kitchen garden. White-leafed forms have the sweetest flavor. Crimson, coppery red or purple leaves of the rubra or atro-sanguinea varieties add vivid contrast to ordinary salad greens, as well as flower borders. Give full sun and a very well-drained, not-too-fertile soil. Water Atriplex hymenelytra heavily, from February to May only. Cut back taller species in spring to keep bushy and remove any frost-damaged branches. Shape hedges by clipping new growth. Grow softwood cuttings in summer, divide perennials, or grow from seed. For a regular harvest of tender new leaves, so Atriplex hortensis seeds every 2 weeks. Plant 2 feet apart and thin if necessary. Rich, moisture-retentive soil yields the best crop. It will bolt if the soil dries out, so keep irrigated -- straw mulch helps. Pinch back flowerheads.
Atriplex x hortensis atrosanguinea, Garden Orach, Mountain Spinach, Sea Purslane
The leaves of this half-hardy annual are deep red to purple.

Attributes - Atriplex x hortensis atrosanguinea

Plant Type: Annual

Height: 1 ft. to 3 ft.

Width: 1 ft. 6 in.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Notes: Container Plants.

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