Chenopodium foliosum

Goosefoot, Pig Weed

Often strong-smelling, most considered weeds, these humble, undemanding plants have lots to offer: handsome, colorful leaves and fruits, tasty shoots and greens, even high-protein grain. Fuzzy hairs or a coat of mealy white cloak their foliage. The foot-like lobes of some species' leaves earned them a common name, Goosefoot, as well as the genus' Latin name -- actually the Greek word chen, for goose, and pous, for foot. Stems, often striped red or white, may grow straight up to 9 feet or sprawl with erect tips. Greenish or reddish flowers form small, tight heads. Peeled and steamed, its young shoots rival asparagus. Tender young leaves are tasty cooked or raw in salads. United States farmers recently began growing Chenopodium quinoa, a traditional Andean grain high in protein. The lovely trailing branches of Chenopodium virgatum bear bright red, raspberry-like fruits among long, slender, pointed leaves with flared lobes. Chenopodium amaranticolor and Chenopodium purpurascens have red or purple young shoots and leaves. A well-known wild green, Lamb's Quarters (Chenopodium album), has naturalized in North America. Air-dried, the slender yellow-green flower spikes of Chenopodium botris (Feather Geranium, Jerusalem Oak) exude a pleasant, long-lasting scent. Easy to grow. Sow seed in spring in moderately fertile soil, with full sun. Water in dry periods. Chenopodium bonus-henricus needs deep, rich soil. Plant 12 inches apart, in rows 1½ feet apart. Do not harvest shoots until the 2nd year. From the 3rd year on, cut below soil as for asparagus. Harvest regularly before stems grow bitter and tough. Cut off old stems in late fall or early winter and mulch with compost. Divide in spring, or transplant seedlings.
Chenopodium foliosum, Goosefoot, Pig Weed
Small and numerous flower clusters are followed by bright red fruit. The fleshy leaves are deeply toothed. Naturalized in the United States.

Attributes - Chenopodium foliosum

Plant Type: Annual

Height: 1 ft. 6 in. to 2 ft.

Width: 1 ft. 6 in.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Notes: Container Plants.

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