Dahlia 'Ace of Hearts'

Collarette Dahlia

Diverse and versatile, Dahlias are prized for their large, often spectacularly-colored and shaped blooms. Flowers fall into 11 categories, including Anemone, Pompom, Decorative, Cactus, Peony, Waterlily and Star-shaped. They range from 2 to 3 inches to more than 7 or 8 inches across and come in most colors except blue. Dwarf, intermediate and tall plants range from 8 inches to 4½ feet tall. Easy to grow, they bloom best in full sun but tolerate some shade. Excellent cut flowers. Traditionally grown from tubers, some start from seed and are grown as short annuals. Plant tubers in early spring, and seed-grown plants, after late frost. For large flowers, plant in rich soil and give plenty of water. Pinch tall-growing plants at 4 to 6 inches to encourage branching and flowers. For larger flowers, do not pinch center stem, but remove buds from sideshoots. Except in Zones 10 to 11, dig up and store tubers in fall. Although relatively pest-free, they are susceptible to viruses, aphids, Japanese beetles, thrips, earwigs and nematodes. Healthy stock plants, good air circulation, and proper spacing greatly reduce problems.
Dahlia, Collarette Dahlia
Pink petals, edged with white, lie flat in Collarette-type Dahlias. All but dwarf forms require stalking.

Attributes - Dahlia 'Ace of Hearts'

Plant Type: Bulb

Bloom Season: Mid Summer through Mid Fall

Flower Color: Pink

Height: 4 ft.

Width: 2 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Notes: Container Plants, Cut Flowers, Showy Flowers. Susceptible to Aphids, Beetles, Spider Mites, Thrips.

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